New Orleans Architecture Foundation


The New Orleans Architecture Foundation supports and collaborates with AIA New Orleans on education and advocacy activities that enhance public appreciation of architecture and design as vital community assets that enrich the quality of life in New Orleans.


As we look toward the future, we want to accomplish three major goals:

Engagement with the community: NOAF will work hard to increase our presence in the community by launching new events and continuing education opportunities. We will identify and implement activities that provide the community with significant and valued benefits.

Expanded programming: NOAF will significantly expand engagement in both its programmatic and organizational activities. We will be strategic and intentional about peer networking opportunities in ways that maximize the value of the professional association and will actively encourage and allocate resources for projects and activities.

Retiring the debt on the Center for Design:  NOAF will embark on an aggressive fundraising campaign to retire the debt on the Center for Design with the goal to be debt free by January 1, 2020. The Center for Design benefits NOAF and AIA, and we hope to have the support of each member as we strive to meet our goals. To date, with only a relatively small number of architects making a contribution, we have raised $210,000. We are now trying to meet our next goal of raising $500,000 to retire the debt and expand our offerings.

About NOAF:

The New Orleans Architecture Foundation (NOAF) was founded in 2013 by past chapter presidents of AIA New Orleans. The group developed a financial plan for AIA New Orleans which resulted in the decision to purchase the space that houses the AIA Center for Design on Lee Circle in downtown New Orleans. While officially a separate organization, NOAF functions in several important ways like an AIA committee. It is stipulated in the by-laws that a majority of NOAF Board members must also be AIA Board members to ensure good communication, coordination, and alignment. The Foundation will be an active partner in the implementation of all AIA public awareness and advocacy activities, and will be a vehicle for the involvement of AIA members as well as other individuals and organizations in the community.

New Orleans Architecture Foundation - Design Center

To learn more, visit the New Orleans Architecture Foundation’s website.