AIA New Orleans

Dear Members, Friends and Family of the AIA New Orleans Chapter,

My name is Joel Pominville and I have recently begun my tenure as the Executive Director at AIA New Orleans and the New Orleans Architecture Foundation. I want to begin by thanking you for your support and participation in the AIA over the years.

The time for further introduction will come soon, but now is a time to join together as a community of architects and designers to help those recently affected by the flooding throughout the state. I am very new to Louisiana, but I am quite sure of the impact we all can have together in helping those in need. I also know the call we have as a community to help these individuals and families recover after this disaster… much like many others came to your help a decade ago.

Thanks to many of you, we now have a space to convene, and in this case, collect materials to aid others around the state. The AIA New Orleans Center for Design will now be serving as a drop-off point for materials and donations. We will also be leaning on you all, our community, to dedicate whatever time you are able, to physically assist those in need.

Below, you will find a link to a sign-up form. We encourage you all to help in every way possible, whether physically or financially.

With utmost respect and energy,

AIA New Orleans

Siggy Thin

Joel Pominville, Assoc. AIA
Executive Director

*Please click here for the list of accepted donations on next page that can be brought to the AIA New Orleans Center for Design, 1000 Saint Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130

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